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Basic Information

Fbahunter is Online arbitrage software. Fbahunter allows you to analyze thousands of products in seconds; It makes it easier for you to find the best products at competitive prices and helps you increase sales potential. We offer an uninterrupted analysis experience with our constantly updated data to give you a competitive advantage.

It allows you to research products on any Amazon marketplace you want; Within seconds, we access all the information about the products in the category you have specified, the search results page or the asin list you have added, the Amazon marketplace you will supply and the Amazon marketplace you will sell.

Based on the parameters you enter, FBA storage, labeling, taxes, procurement costs, ROI calculation, etc. We present it to you by making calculations.

With fast package creation options, you can quickly calculate the actual intermediate warehouse costs of the products you decide to list.

Thus, you can save time and effort when arbitraging on Amazon.

You can use Fbahunter in all marketplaces where Amazon is available.

This software does not require any license. When you purchase a package, you can integrate as many stores as the number of stores specified in the package feature.

You will be able to freeze the packages you purchased when you do not start using them. Thanks to this feature, you do not need to automatically renew your packages or make payments for periods when you do not start using them.

The freezing process will freeze your package for a period of 90 days. During this period, you will not need to renew your package or pay for the months you do not use. When you want to start using it again, you will be able to continue where you left off by activating your package again.

You can always get support from us about our application. You can create a new support request from the support section within the application. If you are a professional package user, you can contact us 24/7 via live support.

About Payments

On our platform, each "token" is used to scan one product. Except for our "Welcome" package, which is offered exclusively to first-time users, all other packages initially include 10,000 tokens. There are 250 tokens in the "Welcome" package.

If the tokens in any package run out, we offer our users the opportunity to purchase additional tokens. However, this additional token purchase is only valid for package uses other than the "Welcome" package. Users who want to purchase additional tokens can purchase additional tokens in the amount of 5,000 or multiples at the point where their tokens are run out, in packages other than the "Welcome" package.

Additional token purchases provide our users with the opportunity to continue their browsing processes without interruption. Token purchases are an advantage offered to increase the overall efficiency of the platform and improve the user experience.

You can change the package you use at any time. You can access the process of switching to a different package from Account Settings → Subscription → Change Subscription. When you request to switch to a lower package, the new package you choose is defined when your old package period or usage right expires.

You can terminate the use of the package at any time by contacting us on our contact page. The amount of days you use is calculated and the remaining amount is refunded to your account within 3 days.